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About us

Wellore is a game and game graphics outsourcing studio that has been on the market for more than 12 years. Our main task is to create projects that will be appreciated by the players. We are looking for new ways to develop and visualize exciting game worlds and do our best to create memorable game designs and colorful graphic elements.

Client orientation

The realization of customer needs is our leading goal. We carefully analyze the scope of work and offer an optimal approach to the development of the project within the specified time frame, taking into account economic efficiency and benefits.

Professional team

Our work is based on mutual trust. We trust our colleagues as true professionals who are responsible for their work. We are always open to new ideas within the team, everyone has the right to vote and the possbility to implement their creative ideas.

Individual approach

We strictly adhere to the established budget and show the optimal result. Balanced cost solutions will meet your budget and business needs.

Honesty and responsibility

Our company strives to make decision process as clear and transparent as possible.
Our team of talented artists, designers, developers and managers is focused on the quality and uniqueness of each project, so we are ready to fulfill all your fantasies in the gaming industry!

Our works


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