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2D art

Our team of experienced artists can realize 2D projects at any stage of development. We are ready to create illustrations, characters, environments, icons and interfaces for games of various genres: match-3, HOG, slot, etc.

Casual Art

Our bright characters and colorful locations will become a calling card for your casual game. A well-designed environment serves as a good tool to attract the attention of players in the game.

Concept Art

We are responsible for the creation and elaboration of elements of the game world, so we create high-quality concept art. Our artists will create several concept art and you will definitely find a solution for your project!

Game art development

We know how and we love to create original and memorable game graphics. Our studio can prepare a project team led by an experienced project manager to implement your idea. All our work goes through internal quality control (QA), thanks to which you can greatly relieve your management. We have created many successful projects and have great expertise in development in a variety of styles and genres.

Work in your style

Our studio has rich experience in supporting and developing ready-made game projects. We are ready to adapt to your style and choose the right specialists for your project. Our team takes into account the importance of deadlines, so the team can scale to your needs at any time. You will be able to free your team from monotonous and tedious work, which will allow your employees to focus on creating new unique products.

Promo art

Promotion and advertising are important components for the development and expansion of a game project. Our artists, together with the marketing department, will prepare promotional materials: banners, posters and illustrations. They will comply with the rules of the advertising platforms and social networks you use.

Reskin games

Do you want to transform your project and open up new markets? Our experts will help you adapt your gaming universe to a new audience. We understand the genres of slot and match-3

Character design

Characters are the basis of any game project. Thanks to the characters the user can fully immerse himself in the plot of the game and experience a vivid emotional. This is a key moment for your project! Our team of experienced artists successfully creates attractive 2D characters in various styles depending on your wishes.

Environment design

Our team is ready to create any worlds, dimensions and landscapes according to your needs. Our artists know how to create spectacular landscapes, urban architecture and other locations for your project.


We provide a complex method to creating a game illustration. Our designers have extensive experience in creating 2D illustrations, promos and fakeshots. Our art will help make your product more attractive to potential players, you can implement it on various advertising platforms.

Game objects and icons

Our team will create colorful and elaborate objects and icons for your project. We create any objects in any style taking into account your needs. We focus on all the details to make it easier for your players to navigate the game space.
We will take over the process of managing the art department and bring the content to the desired style in the shortest possible time. Our team consists of specialists with diverse creative experience who will help you adapt your ideas to the chosen visual style from pixel art to realism.


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