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Motor Town

Industry: Game Development
Type HOG
Style Stylized


Motor Town game project is entirely developed by our team. We worked on the concept, game design, graphics and animation. The game is made in the HOG genre. The plot is about a girl who has to interview a brilliant inventor and creator of many unusual mechanisms.

Level design and interface

The game features more than 20 types of puzzles of varying difficulty. The levels are designed in the typical style of the HOG genre, more than 35 unique scenes have been created. Also, there are hints in an unlimited number, additional mini-games with a successful passage of the main plot. The interface is intuitive and presented in the form of a notebook.


Motor Town is designed in the style familiar to the HOG genre. Puzzles and hidden objects are created in a single concept. Our artists took into account the importance of working out the details of locations and objects. Players will be able to fully enjoy the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere of the locations.


The main background of the game is an old mansion. The player is waiting for a lot of rooms with mysterious mechanisms, unusual devices and equipment in the spirit of steampunk. The mystique of the overall picture and the presence of a unique concept make the game exciting for the players, which is very important for the HOG genre.


Character design

Our 2D artists have extensive experience in creating game characters for any genre and style. In "Motor Town" a lot of attention was paid to the development of both the main character and secondary characters. Animation and emotions were worked out for them, allowing players to feel the plot and mood of the game. The interactivity of the characters makes the project more attractive.

Outsourcing of game development and game graphics

Our team has experience in developing mobile games in the most popular genres: match-3, hidden objects, and other puzzles. Wellore is ready to create game projects from scratch: from concept to release. We will help you create and upgrade games of any complexity and any style. Contact us and our specialist will select the most effective solution to your problems.

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