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Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks

Industry: Game Development
Type HOG
Style Stylized


The project “Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks” was made by our studio specialists. This is a game in the popular HOG genre. The plot tells the story of a talented lawyer Kathleen, who has to solve many mysteries in order to find and save her lover.

Level design and interface

HOG attract players with an interesting storyline and a variety of puzzles. “Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks” has both a classic hidden object search, as well as tasks such as a maze, searching for the desired sequence, and so on. The game has different difficulty levels. In solving puzzles, hints are used, available in a free (by timer) format or through donation. Also, the player's interest is fueled by dailies, achievements and additional game materials. The interface is presented in the form of a notebook and a journal and is visually included in the overall stylistic concept.


The game is made in a typical style for the HOG genre - a mystical detective. The clarity of details, the drawing of small objects for the genre is important. The artistry of the game picture allows you to accurately convey the plot, and a single stylistic concept of locations and objects creates a sense of the integrity of the game space.


The visual component is represented by ancient castles, gloomy rooms filled with many unusual details. Mystery is an important part of any HOG, so our artists have focused on the gloom and mystery of the paintings.


Character design

Our 2D artists have extensive experience in creating game characters for any genre and style. In "Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks" a lot of attention was paid to the development of both the main character and secondary characters. Animation and emotions were worked out for them, allowing players to feel the plot and mood of the game. The interactivity of the characters makes the project more attractive.

Outsourcing of game development and game graphics

Our team has experience in developing mobile games in the most popular genres: match-3, hidden objects, and other puzzles. Wellore is ready to create game projects from scratch: from concept to release. We will help you create and upgrade games of any complexity and any style. Contact us and our specialist will select the most effective solution to your problems.

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